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Book a bike service

Our service department is highly skilled at servicing and repairing all types, makes and models of motorcycle and we have the very latest diagnostic equipment to help achieve this. In addition, we provide Warrant of Fitness checks on any bike and offer pickup & delivery services.

We invite customers to talk to our experienced mechanics directly about the work they’re doing. They will service your machine with meticulous care so that it’s performing at its peak and riding as smoothly as ever.

Our Services include:

Technical specialists for Ducati Kawasaki and Triumph
Classic Bike Specialist Mechanic
WOF - Warrant of Fitness
PAV - Pre Accident Valuations
Insurance Quotes and repairs
Brake Declarations
Tyre fitting, balancing and puncture repair
Brake line flush and Pads install
Chain and Sprockets replacement
Idling adjustment
Clutch and Cable replacement
Battery Charge, tests and replacement
Electrical Problems
Valve Adjustments
Engine services and repair
Transmission Service & Repair
Electrical systems repair
Steering & Suspension Services
Alternators, starters, and ignition service
Fuel pumps & line repair
Carburettor cleaning and rebuild
Fuel Injection/ Carburettor Balancing
Compression testing
Bike Cleaning and Detailing
Leaking Fork Seal replacement
Tune ups


Terms & Conditions

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