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REKLUSE CORE MANUAL - YAM YZ250F '01-'17 WR250F '01-'13

REKLUSE CORE MANUAL - YAM YZ250F '01-'17 WR250F '01-'13


Title REKLUSE CORE MANUAL - YAM YZ250F '01-'17 WR250F '01-'13

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Founded in 2002 from personal inspiration and collective vision, Rekluse changed the game in clutch performance technology. Rekluse performance clutch products improve riding experiences for power sports enthusiasts worldwide. Rekluse products are engineered, developed and manufactured in Boise, Idaho, USA. Driven by purpose, progress and performance, Rekluse will inspire a better adventure.

With a vast range of clutches constructed using their EXP, TorqDrive & Core technologies we can guarantee Rekluse manufacture a clutch perfect for you, your motorcycle and your discipline.

Constructed from double hard anodised billet aluminium components, the Rekluse Core Manual Clutch Kit is a durable, professional upgrade designed to replace your stock manual clutch. The Core Manual Kit offers weight savings, superior reliability, reduces clutch fade and improves oil flow leading to dramatically extended clutch pack life. Rekluse's Core Manual clutch utilises your OEM clutch pack, delivering you reliable and cost-effective performance.

Featured Technology (more information below):

  • Core

Features & Benefits:

  • Reduces clutch fade
  • Consistent and improved lever modulation
  • Components are lighter, stronger, and perform better than stock clutches
  • Strategic engineering increases oil flow, decreases operating temperatures and extends clutch life
  • Installation does not require modification of stock parts
  • Includes proprietary anti-drag steel drive plates

What is Rekluse Core Technology?

Rekluse's Core technology is the foundation of their premium clutch systems. Engineered and made from aerospace quality billet aluminium, Core components optimise oil flow, last longer and reduce temperatures to maintain consistent performance even in extreme conditions.

More oil flows through the clutch, decreasing operating temperatures. Decreased temperatures decrease fade, making your clutch pack last longer.