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Title NO TOIL WASH KIT KAW KXF250/450 19-22

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If you already use No Toil filters and oil, make your bike maintenance even easier by using the No Toil Wash Kit when it’s time to clean up your machine. This kit includes a bike-specific, water-blocking intake cover that takes the place of your air filter, and a universal rubber, not hard plastic exhaust plug. Both the cover and exhaust plug create watertight seals. So when your bike is muddy and dusty after a day of riding, simply plug the exhaust and replace your air filter with the intake cover. After that, you’re free to wash your bike with a hose or pressure washer and not worry about where the water is going.


  • Includes intake cover, and exhaust plug
  • Creates watertight seal at both the air boot and exhaust tip
  • Machine-specific fit for accurate sizing and tight sealing
  • Exhaust plug is pliable rubber, not hard plastic
  • Includes a filter/cover bolt on applicable models