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About Us

The team at Hamilton Motorcycle Centre pride themselves on delivering the most customer focused experience to motorcyclists in the Waikato and beyond. We're consistently rated by Triumph owners as the number one Triumph dealer in New Zealand for sales and servicing.

We're genuine motorcycle enthusiasts and passionate riders ourselves.

Our shop is warm and welcoming with plenty of space to walk amongst the bikes and size them up.

Our friendly staff take good care of all riders, from first-timers to veterans, and we'll take the time to meet your exact needs - whether it be for new or used bikes, parts, accessories, or clothing. We stock bikes for all levels of road, trail and farm use, including learner, city, sports and touring, and the latest in electric bikes and ride on scooters.

Our customers often drop in to the shop to share their latest rides and keep themselves up to date with everything motorcycle related.

With our strong customer focus and after sales service reputation, we have loyal customers travelling from the top to the bottom of New Zealand to get the very best service for their bikes.

Why not come down yourself and see why so many riders rate us as number one!


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Terms & Conditions

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