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Triumph Tiger 800 XRT
  • 2018 triumph tiger 800 xrt 1280x960
  • 2018 tiger 800 xca and xrt 800x600

Triumph Tiger 800 XRT

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The New Tiger 800 XR range is perfect for those seeking unlimited road-based thrills in total comfort.

95 PS 800cc triple engine with more lively performance and acceleration with a character and sound helped by the lighter freer flowing exhaust.

Full color adjustable 5" TFT dash display with a choice of themes and styles all controlled with a thumb operated toggle switch.

New developments in XRX range for the alloy cast wheels, switchable traction control and ABS, Brembo front brakes, LED lights, adjustable seat heights.

The new XR range... perfect for All-Road, All-Day Adventure.

XRX $23,990.

XRT $26,990.

XCX $25,290.

XCA $27,490.

XCA DEMO in store now!

All prices exclude On Road Costs.

Terms & Conditions

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